Tuff Trench – The new shatter proof pedestrian trench cover

Melba Swintex has recently released a new trench cover called the Tuff Trench. Unlike all other trench covers on the market, this is made from Polyethylene which means that it weighs a lot less than other types and does not splinter, fracture or shatter. Traditional trench covers are made from composites that are heavier and can split at the edges. The Tuff Trench will just flex and return to it’s original shape.

Tuff Trench pedestrian trench cover

To illustrate how robust this product is, we decided to put it through some of our own testing.

In addition to the weight and durability benefits, the Tuff Trench is able to be customised from as little as a quantity of 100.

Tuff Trench
The Tuff Trench is available in almost any colour with a minimum order of 100.

Almost any colour can be chosen to match your corporate branding, your customers branding or the application. In addition, your logo or chosen text can be embossed during the moulding of the trench cover with a small one off tooling cost.

The standard yellow colour is available for same day dispatch from Start Traffic here: Tuff Trench pedestrian trench cover.

We are also able to supply the correct drill bits and fixings to secure these into Tarmac or Concrete.

Wheelchair / Kerb Ramp – New Range

Picking the best Kerb Ramp for your job is often confusing. One of our popular products is the SafeKerb – we are introducing today two new products designed to compliment this and fill out our range.

Kerb Ramp Review Roundup
From left to right: Kerb Buddy, Safe Kerb and Tricel Heavy Duty Kerb Ramp

To help identify which is best for your application we have put together a table showing the attributes of each.

Oxford Safe Kerb Melba Kerb Buddy Tricel Heavy Duty Kerb Ramp
Maximum Load 250kg 250kg 750kg
Grip Treads
Extra Wide Design
Smaller footprint
Efficient stacking
One man lift
High Side Guards
Can be bolted down

The Melba Kerb Buddy has been introduced with extra high side guards to ensure that mobility scooters cannot travel across the ramp diagonally and come off the edges. In addition, it’s slightly oversized design gives more generous passage over the ramp.

The Kerb Buddy

The SafeKerb is the basic kerb ramp – compact, lightweight and does the job. It is very popular with home users, however it should be noted that even though it is compact, it is still larger than some people expect at 1265mm wide.

Safe Kerb Ramp
The Safe Kerb

The Tricel Heavy Duty Kerb Ramp is for those applications where there is likely to be high volumes of foot or mobility scooter traffic. It’s built to withstand the worst and has a maximum load rating of 750kg. In addition, it is the most efficient stacking of the three – a pallet of 30 is approximately 1m high.

Heavy Duty Kerb Ramp
The Tricel Heavy Duty Kerb Ramp

All three of the above products are in stock and ready for same day dispatch from Start Traffic below:

Melba Kerb Buddy
Oxford Safe Kerb
Tricel Heavy Duty Kerb Ramp

Low Pro Trench Cover – No fixings required

The Low Pro Trench Cover is the increasingly popular choice for contractors. It has a rubber edge with a reduced profile to prevent tripping and that grips to the surface to prevent slipping. Both of these make it safer for pedestrians. This can also eliminate the need to bolt it down using traditional fixings as with standard trench covers.

Low Pro Trench Cover

It’s handy size of 1125 x 1125mm means that it can be used on trench widths of up to 700mm and covers a wider area than the standard 1200x800mm sized covers.

The Low Pro fully complies with all relevant standards including the National Grid Footway Board specification T/SP/E/42.

This can be purchased individually or on a pallet of 30 and is in stock, ready for same day dispatch from Start Traffic: Low Pro Trench Cover

New scaffolding lighting for your project

Typically scaffolding lighting  has consisted of products that are large, inefficient and don’t tend to last. This new scaffolding light that has been designed in the UK from WHI Safeguard is changing that.

scaffolding lights

Built from high impact plastics and with a fully weatherproof design, it is designed to last. Running from just two AA batteries, you can achieve 4000 hours of illumination – and with it’s built in light sensor, it doesn’t waste any during the daytime.

The clamp system that it comes with allows it to either be clamped directly to the scaffolding or alternatively screwed to the wall. The image below show this.


If security is a concern, a padlock can be used to prevent it being removed from a scaffolding pole.

Start Traffic now has these in stock and ready for same day dispatch here: Scaffolding Light from WHI Safeguard


Road Works Notification Signs

We regularly receive requests for road works notification boards with a few common requirements. This post is intended to be a guide on choosing the right type and design of sign for your project.

There are three types of sign used for road works notification boards:

  • Metal frame with Zintec plate sign face – most common, usually used on medium – long term projects. Usually 750x750mm or 1050x750mm.
  • Cone Sign – Used on short term projects and on vehicles where space is a premium. Can be supplied with dry-wipe compatible boxes for writing new reference numbers and dates on. Usually 750x750mm.
  • Q-Sign – Perfect if you already use Q-Signs. New faces can be produced separately to replace the existing vinyl faces. Always 1050x750mm.

If the notification is for pedestrians, 600x450mm is normally the sized used in all three sign types.

Below is a photograph of a typical cone sign notification board. The artwork was produced based on a rough drawing of what they wanted.


It is always best for us to work from a sketch, drawing or mockup of what you want. A recent example was a company that had produced a mockup in Microsoft Word. This can be tidied up to produce the final signs – in this case for a 750x750mm cone sign.


Key information that is usually placed on a road works notification board includes:

  • Company logo(s) of those companies involved.
  • A reference number for the works being carried out
  • A start date
  • An end date
  • Potential times of disruption
  • A contact number
  • A website address (optional)

Delivery of a custom made road sign is typically 5 – 7 working days from the date of placing the order.

If you require a road works information board, please get in touch with us and we can be sure to help you out.

The complete range of Q-Sign Road Works signs, delivered from stock!

We often get told by customers that they prefer the Q-Sign from Melba Swintex over the traditional metal types – they don’t rust or corrode, don’t bend out of shape and stack perfectly.

We now hold stock of almost every type of road sign in the Q-Sign design. Below is a list of our range of Q-Signs that are available for same day dispatch. Please contact us if you would like to enquire or order any of these or order directly online on our website.

Product Code Q-Sign Description
12572 Q-Sign – Men at Work with Supplementary Legs – NO PLATE
12376 Q-Sign – Men At Work Symbol – 750mm Triangle
12144 Q-Sign – ‘Keep Left / Right Symbol Reversible  – 750mm Circl
12369 Q-Sign – Keep Right Symbol – 750mm Circle
12378 Q-Sign – Road Narrows Right Symbol – 750mm Triangle
12605 Q-Sign – Road Narrows Right with ‘Single File Traffic’
12604 Q-Sign – Road Narrows Left with ‘Single File Traffic’
12367 Q-Sign – Keep Left Symbol – 750mm Circle
12513 Q-Sign – ‘Footpath Closed’ – 600x450mm
12006 Q-Sign – Men at Work with ‘End’ Sup-plate
12517 Q-Sign – ‘Pedestrians Please Use Other Footpath’ – 600x450mm
12515 Q-Sign – ‘Pedestrians’ with Reversible Arrow – 600x450mm
12371 Q-Sign – Road Narrows Left Symbol – 750mm Triangle
12002 Q-Sign – Hedge Cutting Supplementary Plate ONLY
12101 Q-Sign – Single File Traffic Supplementary Plate ONLY
12035 Q-Sign – Men at Work with ‘Hedge Cutting’ Plate
12504 Q-Sign – Men at Work with ‘Tree Cutting’ plate
12590 Q-Sign – ‘When Stop Sign Shows Wait Here’  – 1050x750mm red
12079 Q-Sign – Men at Work with ‘Grass Cutting’ plate
12075 Q-Sign – ‘Traffic Control Ahead’ – 1050x750mm
12103 Q-Sign – Surveying Supplementary Plate ONLY
12146 Q-Sign – ‘Traffic Signals Ahead Symbol Road Sign  – 750mm Tr
12106 Q-Sign – Tree Cutting Supplementary Plate ONLY
12092 Q-Sign – End Supplementary Plate ONLY
12073 Q-Sign – ‘WHEN RED LIGHT SHOWS WAIT HERE’ – 1050x750mm
12046 Q-Sign – ‘Road Ahead Closed’ – 1050x750mm
12057 Q-Sign – ‘Footpath Closed Ahead’ 600×450
12038 Q-Sign – ‘SLOW’ – 1050x450mm
12149 Q-Sign – ‘Road Narrows Both Symbol Road Sign  – 750mm Triang
12094 Q-Sign – Grass Cutting Supplementary Plate ONLY
12089 Q-Sign – Arrow Right Supplementary Plate ONLY
12088 Q-Sign – Arrow Left Supplementary Plate ONLY
12602 Q-Sign – ‘Caution Wet Paint’ – 600x450mm – tbd
12104 Q-Sign – Weed Spraying Supplementary Plate ONLY
12071 Q-Sign – Diversion Reversible Arrow – 1050x750mm
12056 Q-Sign – Diversion Right – 1050x750mm
12044 Q-Sign – ‘Road Closed’ – 1050x750mm
12069 Q-Sign – Diverted Traffic Ahead – 1050x450mm
12067 Q-Sign – Diverted Traffic Right – 1050x450mm
12063 Q-Sign – Diverted Traffic Left – 1050x450mm
12061 Q-Sign – ‘Diversion ENDS’ – 1050x750mm
12054 Q-Sign – Diversion Ahead – 1050x750mm
12052 Q-Sign – Diversion Left – 1050x750mm
12050 Q-Sign – ‘Raised Ironworks’ – 1050x750mm
12048 Q-Sign – ‘No Road Markings’ – 1050x750mm
12042 Q-Sign – ‘Temporary Road Surface’ – 1050x750mm
12040 Q-Sign – ‘Ramp Ahead’ – 1050x750mm
12036 Q-Sign – ‘RAMP’ – 1050x450mm
12170 Q-Sign – ‘Caution Trip Hazard Pedestrian Sign  – 600x450mm
12136 Q-Sign – ‘Site Entrance’ Road Sign  – 1050x750mm red
12116 Q-Sign – ‘Pedestrian Crossing Point’ Pedestrian Sign  – 600x
12113 Q-Sign – ‘Footway Closed’ Pedestrian Sign  – 600x450mm
12110 Q-Sign – ‘No Smoking’ Pedestrian Sign with Symbol  – 600×450
12109 Q-Sign – ‘Cyclists Dismount and Use Footway Pedestrian Sign
12076 Q-Sign – ‘Cyclists Dismount and Use Footway’ – 600x450mm
12157 Q-Sign – ‘No Road Markings’ Road Sign  – 1050x750mm red
12156 Q-Sign – ‘Danger Deep Excavation’ Road Sign  – 1050x750mm re
12154 Q-Sign – ‘Heavy Plant Crossing’ Road Sign  – 1050x750mm red
12153 Q-Sign – ‘Slow Wet Tar’ Road Sign  – 1050x750mm red
12140 Q-Sign – ‘Reduce Speed Now’ Road Sign  – 1050x750mm red
12138 Q-Sign – ‘No Access’ Road Sign  – 1050x750mm red
12132 Q-Sign – ‘Works Access’ Road Sign  – 1050x750mm red
12125 Q-Sign – ‘3-Way Control | Wait HERE Until Green Light Shows’
12123 Q-Sign – 4-Way Control | Wait HERE Until Green Light Shows’
12118 Q-Sign – ‘Traffic Under Signal Control’ Road Sign  – 1050×75
12107 Q-Sign – Blank Supplementary Plate ONLY
12100 Q-Sign – Road Sweeping Supplementary Plate ONLY
12098 Q-Sign – Queues Likely Supplementary Plate ONLY
12097 Q-Sign – Gulley Emptying Supplementary Plate ONLY
12095 Q-Sign – Gritting Supplementary Plate ONLY
12091 Q-Sign – Ditching Supplementary Plate ONLY
12086 Q-Sign – 400 Yards Supplementary Plate ONLY
12085 Q-Sign – 300 Yards Supplementary Plate ONLY
12083 Q-Sign – 200 Yards Supplementary Plate ONLY
12082 Q-Sign – 100 Yards Supplementary Plate ONLY
12080 Q-Sign – 1 mile Supplementary Plate ONLY
12066 Q-Sign – Overhead Works Supplementary Plate ONLY
12064 Q-Sign – On Slip Road Supplementary Plate ONLY
12004 Q-Sign – Line Painting Supplementary Plate ONLY
12174 Q-Sign – Cyclists Dismount Supplementary Plate ONLY
12172 Q-Sign – Exposed Excavation Supplementary Plate ONLY
12169 Q-Sign – ‘Access to Frontages Only’ Road Sign  – 1050x750mm
12168 Q-Sign – ‘Mud on Road’ Road Sign  – 1050x750mm red
12166 Q-Sign – ‘Works Traffic Only’ Road Sign  – 1050x750mm red
12165 Q-Sign – ‘Works Traffic’ Right Arrow Road Sign  – 1050x750mm
12164 Q-Sign – ‘Works Traffic’ Left Arrow Road Sign  – 1050x750mm
12162 Q-Sign – ‘No Through Road’ Road Sign  – 1050x750mm red
12161 Q-Sign – ‘Caution New Road Markings’ Road Sign  – 1050x750mm
12160 Q-Sign – ‘Road Ahead Closed Access Only’ Road Sign  – 1050×7
12158 Q-Sign – ‘Temporary Road Surface’ Road Sign  – 1050x750mm re
12152 Q-Sign – ‘New Road Layout Ahead’ Road Sign  – 1050x750mm red
12150 Q-Sign – ‘Concealed Entrance’ Road Sign  – 1050x750mm red
12147 Q-Sign – ‘Flood Road Sign  – 750mm Triangle
12143 Q-Sign – ‘No Left Turn Symbol Road Sign  – 750mm Circle
12141 Q-Sign – ‘No Right Turn Symbol Road Sign  – 750mm Circle
12134 Q-Sign – ‘Site Access’ Road Sign  – 1050x750mm red
12131 Q-Sign – ‘Access Only’ Road Sign  – 1050x750mm red
12120 Q-Sign – ‘Joining Traffic NOT Signal Controlled’ Road Sign
12112 Q-Sign – ‘Crossing Not In Use’ Pedestrian Sign  – 600x450mm


The Starlite 750mm Road Cone

We are now stocking the Starlite cone from Melba Swintex – this is probably the most common road cone being used today, having the perfect balance of weight, cost and quality. It is a 2 part cone suitable for highway or private use – this means it is very stable because of its low centre of gravity. The Starlux® pocketed prismatic sleeve sleeve conforms to BS EN13422B meaning it has outstanding daytime and night time reflectivity. There is no minimum order and as always we have lots of stock ready for same day dispatch.

Click here to buy now or for more information

melba-swintex-750mm-starlite-cone-single Starlite 750mm road cone

Customised Cone Sleeves

One of our customers came to us asking for customised cone sleeves.  They wanted the DHL logo to be printed on the sleeve and it needed to conform to EN13422.  We produced a mock up for approval (see below)

DHL Cone Sleeve

They confirmed it was to their specification and gave us an order.  We turned these items around in two weeks.   Photographs of the finished product are below.

Customised DHL Cone Sleeve

Customised DHL Cone Sleeve

Please note if you require a customised product there may be a longer lead time and there is usually a minimum order quantity. If you have a requirement for a customised product please give us a call.

Road Marking Guide (aka Hot Mark / Road Mark)

There is a wide spectrum of line marking for roads. Different sizes, colours, lines, numbers, letters and symbols are available.

Whether it be for the side of the road, used in big applications or to simply mark off and number a drive way, road markings cover many different applications.

All the road markings are offered in two colours, either white or yellow, it is totally up to the customer which colour they have. The price stays the same for either colour that is chosen.

LINES – Road marking lines come in 5m rolls, the rolls can be various different widths depending on the application the customer requires it for – Start Traffic  stocks the most common widths which are 50mm, 100mm and 200mm.

NUMBERS/LETTERS – The numbers and letters come in a variety of sizes. Any numbers can be supplied from 0-9 and letters from A-Z. Any word can be made for the line marking, popular words are ‘DISABLED’, ‘RESERVED’ and ‘BUS LANE’ but you don’t have to stop there, any words can be made to suit the customers application.

SYMBOLS – You can have disabled badges, children crossing, speed roundels, bike lane and others. These again come in a variety of sizes.

We offer a range of products to be used with the road marking, the propane burner and glass beads are products that are popularly brought with the road marking.

For the letters, numbers and symbols it is important to note that there is a lead time as these are made to your requirements –  normally only 5-7 working days but it can vary. Please call if you are interested in any of these products to check for lead times and stock availability on items.