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Retractable Parking Post With Integral Lock 500mm Multiple Sizes

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Autopa RetractaPost-GL 500 - 500mm Tall (Above Ground)

The RetractaPost GL series comes with an incorporated lock within the bollard base. This is ideal for sites that do not need or want to fit their own lock. It also means that there is no lock to get lost if misplaced.

These parking posts are great for garage forecourts, car showrooms and shopping centres. They are discreet when in the down position and a formidable barrier when raised. Unlike removable bollards, they do not need a secondary position for storage when an area is “open”.

Available in 3 heights including this one at 500mm, 745mm and 900mm and various post diameters there are plenty of options to choose from.

If you do not require the built-in lock or would prefer to use your own lock you can see our standard RetracaPost range here.

Integral lock on RetractaPost-GL

Operating The RetractaPost-GL 500

The GL range works in very much the same way as the standard RetractaPost. To raise the post, you first need to lift the cover plate on the ground socket. The red keycap can then be lifted; this cap protects the integral lock from water ingress. The post can then be lifted to its full height and rotated by 45 to latch it in place. The lock is then used to secure it in this position.

To lower the post the reverse of the above process is used. It is important not to let the post “free fall” back down into the base as this can crack the foundations.

Raising the Bollard

RetractaPost-GL 500 Installation Guide

  1. Plan the installation out, marking the positions of the posts that you require. Ensure that there are no mains services running below the street level e.g. gas, electric, water. The posts should be positioned no further than 1200mm from each other. This is to prevent vehicles passing between them.
  2. Bore a hole to the correct depth and width for the post being installed. A hole 300mm in diameter and 1100mm deep is suited to most posts. For posts with a diameter of 114mm and above then a 1300mm deep x 500mm diameter excavation will be required.
  3. Fill the base of the hole with stone chippings to improve water drainage. The post should rest on this leaving the lid of the post approximately 5mm above ground level.
  4. Add further chippings around the post until the post stands without assistance in the centre of the pit.
  5. Lift the post to full extension to check it stands straight if all is good then add further chippings until they are 400mm from the surface.
  6. Fill the remainder of the hole with concrete and smooth off around the lid to leave a neat finish.
  7. Retract the post back into the base and allow to set.

Allow 24 hours before using the post, further instructions are available in our download section on this page. It is recommended you read them in full before installing your posts.

RetracaPost collapsed

Finishes & Materials For the Retractapost GL 500

There are three key finishes to choose from for your Retratrapost-GL system.

  • Standard Galvanised Finish on Mild Steel – This finish is the most cost-effective and the most commonly stocked. It offers exceptional corrosion protection.
  • Colour – We can supply the standard finish with a painted top coat, this gives both the benefit of a bright vibrant finish, along with the durability of the galvanised coating.
  • Stainless Steel – This is a premium option that is only available on some sizes. The entire post is made from 304-grade stainless steel. This makes them pleasing to look at and ideal for car showrooms.
retractable Stainless Parking Post installed at a car showroom

Other Options To Select From

Post Diameter

Larger diameter posts can be used on sights where higher security is required or where it better suites the appearance of the site.

Post Height

There are three heights of bollard to choose from 500mm, 745mm and 900mm.

Lift Assist

This reduces the amount of effort needed to lift the bollard out of the ground. This option is only available on larger bollards that have the weight to justify the extra mechanism.

Need assistance finding the right Retractapost-GL for your needs?

Give our sales team a call today on 01905 794 875, they will be happy to assist you in finding the best bollard for your needs, and budget.

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Diameter 60 & 90mm available
Height 1315mm total (500mm above ground)
Hole Spacing Typically spaced 1200mm apart
Per Unit 14.4 - 23.5kg
Type Galvanised Mild Steel


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