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Ecogrid E50 Ultra-Duty Driveway & Road Grid

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EcoGrid E50 Ultra Duty Driveway Grid System

EcoGrid E50 is one of the heaviest duty plastic paving grids on the market. With a wall thickness of 7mm and an outstanding weight capacity of 800 tonnes/sqm (when filled), it is ideal for heavy duty commercial applications.

The product is made in Germany from 100% recycled MDPE. Each unit is 50mm tall and 33cm x 33cm. The weight of each square metre (9 grids) is 9.55Kg. The EcoGrid E50 is available in black as standard and with options of Grey, Green and Brown available special order.

Common Uses:

  • Commercial Car Parking Areas
  • Truck Parking areas at service stations
  • Overflow Parking
  • Slope & Embankment Reinforcement
  • Driveways & Access Roads

20 Year Guarantee!

When installed correctly EcoGrid E50 has a 20-year guarantee! This covers “normal usage” so as long as you have not intentionally misused the product you will be covered.

There is a great install guide available on the paving experts website, which details the proper installation requirements depending on the application.

Close Up Shot of a EcoGrid E50 Installation

When To Use EcoGrid E50

Tracked Vehicles

EcoGrid E50 is the only grid that can be used with tracked vehicles. EcoGrid has been thoroughly tested by tracked construction equipment and even battle tanks without failure. The 20-year guarantee is honoured even when used with tracked equipment by the manufacturer.

Temporary Depots & Loading Areas

Large construction projects often require areas for heavy equipment to be stored, loaded and offloaded. EcoGrid E50 is ideal for this application, offering good drainage, but also a stable surface to work on. It is cheaper and quicker to deploy than tarmac and concrete and far greener.

HGV Parking & Turning Areas

Turning HGV’s and other heavy goods vehicles exert heavy sideways loads onto the ground. Most grid systems cannot withstand these loads and are “torn apart” at their joints. This is NOT the case with EcoGrid E50, it can be used with heavy articulated vehicles without issue.

Forklift Operations

Forklift trucks have a small wheelbase and exert a heavy load in a small area. When turning they can put an exceptional force in a small area. EcoGrid E50 can withstand this force when correctly installed, this makes it ideal for builders yards and other similar applications as an alternative to traditional materials.

Tested And Approved

EcoGrid E50 is NATO approved, TUV Certified and used by both the British MOD and American military. This just goes to show how tough this product is. It can even be used unfilled as a temporary road product, it has an unfilled weight bearing capacity of 350t per square metre.

Army Tank sat on EcoGrid

Cabin Support Montage

Cabin Supports & Platforms

EcoGrid E50 can be used to produce strong support platforms for cabins and temporary offices on site. The stacked grids are strong enough to take the load and are easily put into place.

By elevating the cabins off of the ground drainage for toilets and waste water can easily be run with enough fall to operate correctly (a far easier solution than digging down).

As can be seen in the attached images this is a very simple and effective solution, a true money saver.

Example E50 Installations

E50 Used on Council Car park

Council Car Park

This council car park was installed to provide overflow parking with sustainable drainage.

E50 Unfilled Temporary Road

Temporary Road

This road was installed using E50 at a motorsport event and was used unfilled. The installation incorporated a geotextile underlay which is the white material shown.

Reinforcement of Paving

Reinforcement of Paving

E50 can be used underneath traditional paving to spread the load of the paving above and ensure that weight is evenly distributed.

EcoGrid Overview

Facts & Figures

Technical Data E50
Dimensions 33 cm x 33 cm x 5 cm
Wall Thickness, Wall height Outer wall: 5 mm / inner walls: 3,5 mm, 50 mm
Weight per tile 1.06 kg
Weight per m2 9.55 kg
Material 100 % recycled polyethylene
Compressive strength Up to 40 t axle load in accordance with DIN 1072
Loadbearing capacity Up to 800 t/m2 (Filled) | 350 t/m2 (Un-Filled)
Dimensional changes: Approx. 0,5 % (at a standard temperature +20°C up to 80°C)
Humidity absorption: 0.01 %
Environmental compatibility Harmless, groundwater neutral, weatherproof and UV resistant
Solubility Resistant against acid and leaches, alcohol, oil and petrol
(strewing salt, ammonia, acid rain etc.)
Installation: 100 m2 per person per hour
Delivery Units
Packing unit 1 layer (= 12 tiles corresponding to 1.33 m2)
Layers per pallet 43
m2 per pallet 57.19
Tiles per pallet 516 pieces
Dimensions per one way pallet 105 cm x 135 cm x 229 cm
Gross weight per pallet 560 kg (pallet incl.)
Durability Unlimited according to TÜV certification
Charge Up to 40 t axle load in accordance with DIN 1072
Environmental compatibility Environmentally neutral in accordance with DIN 38412
Tested in accordance with DIN 1072 roads and bridges
DIN EN ISO 124 B125 requirements for surfaces for car parking areas
DIN 38412

Need help and assistance finding the right EcoGrid for your needs?

Give us a call on 01905 794 875 to speak to a member of our ground reinforcement and protection team. They will be happy to take details of your requirements and supply you with a quote We also have availability of the E40 grid if you require that instead.

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Conforms Durability: Unlimited according to TÜV certification | Load Bearing: Up to 40 t axle load in accordance with DIN 1072 | Environmental compatibility: Environmentally neutral in accordance with DIN 38412 | Tested in accordance with DIN 1072 roads and bridges, DIN EN ISO 124 B125 requirements for surfaces for car parking areas, DIN 38412
Depth 50mm
Length 330mm
Wall Thickness 7mm
Width 300mm
Per Pallet 560Kg (inc Pallet)
Per Unit 1.06kg
Type 100 % recycled polyethylene
Colour Black (standard) | Brown, Green, Grey (available special order)
Coverage Per Pallet 57.30m²
Per Pallet 516 Grids


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