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Social Distancing Floor Stencil 1050 x 750mm

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Social Distancing Footprint Marking Kit

This social distancing stencil kit is perfect for quickly applying outdoor social distancing markings. Made from durable 2mm plastic the stencil can be dropped down at two-metre intervals. LMP temporary line marking paint can then be used to spray your markings in.

The optional LMP paint fades away after three months when applies to tarmac. If we are still using social distancing measures after this point they can be re-applied and will last a further three months.

We also have the option to buy gloves to wear when applying the markings, ensuring your hands stay paint-free. The gloves are disposable and biodegrade in landfill. The optional pack of gloves contains four pairs, enough for a year if applying every three months.

Social Distancing Marking Kit

I Want Footprint Markings Only?!

Any packing tape can be used to mask off sections of the stencil you do not want to use. If you only want the footprints, simply put tape over the letting and top line and you are good to go.

By using these markings outside corner shops, supermarkets, garden centres, and other public venues that are permitted to open customers can be reminded that they should be practising proper social distancing.

Why Use Paint?

Many of the stickers on the market are only designed for indoor use and quickly peel off when used outdoors.

Social distance footprint being temporary applied

Painting Application Guide

  1. Sweep the area – this removes loose dirt that wastes paint (if the dirt blows away so does your marking) it also allows the stencil to sit flat to the floor.
  2. Lay the stencil onto the ground – the stencil should sit flat to the floor and works best on flat surfaces, good results can still be achieved on rougher surfaces too.
  3. Thoroughly shake up the LMP paint – this mixes the paint and ensures that you get a good consistent marking.
  4. Spray the stencil - Pressing the stencil to the ground (especially important on rougher surfaces) spray the marking, keeping the can close to vertical. This paint lightens up considerably after drying (it can appear a bit dull during the painting process). Go over the marking until all areas of the marking are painted.
  5. Lift the stencil – once all areas are evenly coated lift the stencil from the bottom edge trying not to drag it over any wet paint.
  6. Leave to dry – the paint takes approximately 10 minutes to dry depending on the temperature, during this time the paint may smudge or lift if trodden in or touched.

Kit Coverage

Each can of LMP will produce 5 markings on flat ground. This kit if purchased with two cans of paint will, therefore, allow ten full markings to be cleanly produced.

Social distance stencil being pressed down during painting

Need a Custom Social Distancing Stencil?

Give us a call, all we need is vector artwork and we can get them produced for you, a minimum order quantity will apply.

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Height 750mm
Width 1050mm


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