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Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint

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Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint

StartMark is a quick and permanent thermoplastic line marking solution for use on roads, car parks, footpaths, cycle paths, hard sports surfaces and playgrounds.

StartMark is available in rolls of tape that make line painting easy. It is also available in a variety of preformed signs or playground markings. When applying Roadmark, position the markings where you require them, then use a gas burner to melt them. This leaves a permanent and extremely durable marking, which you can drive over almost immediately.

We can create bespoke signs and symbols with artwork supplied by you. You can apply StartMark to concrete or tarmac. If you are applying StartMark to concrete you will need to use our surface primer.

Stimulate children’s play in the playground by getting them active with playground markings of traditional playground games. You can also use contemporary fun markings as educational aids, encouraging participation and imagination.

StartMark is cleaner and easier to use than traditional road paints. Use it to produce a crisp clean white line (or any other colour line for that matter). We can able to supply anti-slip powder that will increase traction when sprinkled over the paint's surface.

Line Markings Are Great For:

Stimulate children in the playground, with educational games that encourage having fun whilst counting and reading.
Marking lines, pedestrian walkways, parking spaces and direction arrows to improve safety.
 Bike Lanes
Use these uniform symbols to ensure that directions and markings are clear, clean and easy to understand.
Mark out warnings for forklifts, charging areas and pedestrian walkways.

Bespoke Markings

Got a design for a road or playground marking that is not covered above? We can produce custom markings to your specification, all we need is a design to work from (call for more details).

Easy To Self-Install

Need Help?

Our customer service team is available to talk to on 01905 794 875 number shown above, they will be able to assist with any questions you may have about our road marking solutions.

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