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Orion Bollard With Anti-Ram & Passive Option ST-CITY Series

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Available Options

The Orion Bollard Part Of The ST-CITY Series

The Orion bollard is a simple street bollard suitable for use along footpaths and pedestrian areas. It features two areas of reflective material providing better visibility even in low light.

Like the rest of, the ST-CITY range the Orion bollard is available in different materials, fitment types and even colours. This allows you to tailor the bollard to your needs.

The Orion is best used as part of traffic calming measures and traffic management. This neat bollard looks at home in almost any location.

Orion Bollard installed

Reflective top of Orion Bollard Close-up

Passive Safety Vs Anti-Ram Vs Standard

The Orion is available in three key formats, and these are as follows;

Passive Safety - Passive safety bollard options will self right after being run over or struck heavily by a vehicle. Over time this is the most cost-effective type to install at high-risk locations.

Standard - This material is cheaper than the passive material, it will take knocks and scrapes but will not tolerate being run over entirely.

Anti-Ram - Use this material to prevent vehicles from progressing past the bollards. An internal steel post will stop a car attempting to ram shop fronts.

Orion Bollard Options

Choose the right fixing type for your needs and have it in the colour that best suits the area.  The Orion offers the flexibility to tailor the appearance and performance to your requirements.

Orion Colour Options

The Orion can be purchased in white or black depending on your preference.  The most popular colour for the Orion is black. The colour of the post has no impact on the post's performance.

Orion Bollard Fitting Types

You can select the best mounting type for your needs and installation restrictions. We even have installation options for areas where you cannot dig!

Bolt Down Surface Mount Fixing Option
Surface Mount

This is very simple to install on existing surfaces, requiring only four holes to be drilled. The bollard is then fixed to the ground with four fixing bolts.

Materials: Passive Safety, Standard

Root Fixing Option
Root Fixing

The root fixing is very simple to install, and ideal for grass verges to prevent parking. You will need to excavate a small hole and cast the post into the ground.

Materials: Passive Safety, Standard

Anti-Ram Fixing Option

These are cast into the ground using an internal steel post to provide structural integrity. Use this option around shop fronts where vehicles MUST be stopped.

Materials: Standard

LockSafe socket fixing

Use the socket where you would like to be able to remove the posts for routine access or events. The LockSafe socket requires that a ground socket that is purchased separately. The LockSafe design post will also fit into competitors products sockets (call for more information).

Materials: Passive Safety, Standard

Reflective Options

What colour reflective banding you require on your bollards is dictated by the location that they are installed. When placing the Orion bollard alongside a roadway then a split (red and white) reflector should be used. This should be rotated to show the red reflector on the passenger side of the vehicle and white on the driver's side.

If you choose none as a reflective option, there will be no reflective material applied to the bollard.

Red Reflector option
All Red
White Reflector option
All White
Half Red / White Reflector option
Half Red - Half White

More From The ST-CITY Series of Bollards

The Orion is part f the ST-City range of bollards if you do not like the appearance of the Orion, then one of its siblings may be just what you need. 

Have Questions?

If you have any questions about the Orion, you can call us on 01905 794 875 To discuss your requirements. Our sales team will be happy to discuss pricing, bulk discounts and delivery options as well as any technical questions you may have.

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Height Above Ground 1100mm (1130mm surface mount)
Width Above Ground 194mm (330mm for Surface Mount)
Colour Black Or White Body With Reflector Colour Options
Customisation Reflector Colour Options
Installation Anti Ram, Root, LockSafe, and Surface Mount


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