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13Kg Surface Defect Repair Kit, Thermoplastic Long Shelf Life

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UltraCrete Thermoplastic Anti-Skid Surface Defect Repair Kit

Even the best-laid road surfaces will occasionally need surface defects repairing to prevent a small crack from turning into a pothole. Unlike many pothole repair products that activate when they come into contact with the air or with water, this product is thermoplastic-based. This means it has a long twelve-month shelf life, it also means that the whole pack does not need to be used in one install. An open bag can be used for a number of smaller repairs and will not set simply because it has been exposed to the air.

The kit comes in two parts with a 12kg bag of thermoplastic granules and a smaller 1kg pack of glass beads. The thermoplastic granules are melted to fill the defect, whilst the glass beads are sprinkled on top to develop an anti-skid surface with a skid resistance value of 60 (SRV).

Depending on the site, the installation process can take less than 30 minutes from arriving allowing traffic to flow freely again in the shortest amount of time possible! This Surface Defect Repair kit is quick, simple, and cost-effective!

Minimal Equipment Required

There is no specialist equipment needed to use this surface defect repair compound other than a gas burner. Other equipment you may need is a broom, small trowel, and appropriate PPE.

Long Shelf Life

Unlike many other products out there that have a relatively short lifespan this product will last a good amount of time before it “expires”.

Cost Effective / No Waste

As the bag does not go “bad” once opened it can be taken from site to site until it is completely used. This makes Surface Defect Repair highly cost-effective.

Highly Durable

Strong enough to take all types of traffic, if installed correctly Surface Defect Repair is ideal for use on footways and other carriageways.

Installation Process

Installation is very easy and is pretty much a four-step process, we have outlined the key steps below. For further information on the use and limitations of Surface Defect Repair please consult the pdf download data sheet which is linked to in our downloads section on this page.

Sweeping Out The Defect Before Repair

Step 1: Clean

Ensure that the defect is clean, free of dust, water and debris. This can be done with a broom and heat gun to dry the area. If there is grease, oil or de-icing agents present then we recommend washing the area with a degreasing agent then drying with the burner. This will ensure a good bond to the surface of the area being repaired.

Laying In and Granuals

Step 2: Sprinkle

Whilst the surface is still hot from drying, deposit the thermoplastic granules into the defect to be repaired, you should try to keep the granules separated and not “compacted”. This will allow the heat from the burner to thoroughly penetrate and melt all the material.

Melting The Surface With A Burner

Step3: Melt

Use the gas burner to melt the granules until they become liquid, this will ensure that they fully bond to the internal areas of the defect, creating a watertight repair. Whilst the top surface is still hot sprinkle on a small amount of the glass granules and heat a moment longer. This will produce the anti-slip surface.

Driving The Van Away After Repair

Step 4: You’re Done

Once the surface of the repair has cooled, using a gloved hand check that the surface is firm. You can now open the road to traffic again. Make sure that the bag of remaining material is kept for the next job you need it on!

Limitations of UltraCrete Surface Defect Repair

Like all products this one has its limitations, it is only intended to repair defects, not full-blown potholes. It should not be used on anything outside of the dimensions below;

  • Maximum Depth: 45mm
  • Maximum Area: For shallow repairs 200mm x 200mm x 15mm

The limitations for shallow repairs are more to do with how much can be carried out “at a time” without part of the repair cooling down too much for it to be workable.

If you are trying to fill a pothole rather than a small defect, then you may need something like Viafix pothole repair instead.

Truck Driving Past Repaired Defect

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Conforms BS EN IS0 9001, 14001, and OHSAS 18001
AccuChecked ✔ (The specification has been independently checked for accuracy)
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Per Unit 12Kg Thermoplastic | 1Kg Glass Beads
Type Anti-Skid Thermoplastic Surface Defect Repair
Coverage 63 linear metres per 13kg kit. (40mm wide x 3mm defect)


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