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TuffTrak Ultra Heavy Duty Temporary Access Mats ST LITE XL XT

  • TuffTrak Ultra Heavy Duty Temporary Access Mats ST LITE XL XT
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Heavy Duty Road Mats

TuffTrak is a groundbreaking system of ground protection mats that allow for the creation of stable and safe access roads and work pads on almost any type of substrate, be that sand, marsh, or a grassy field. TuffTrak makes transporting heavy equipment including trucks, cranes and even tracked vehicles ‘off-road’ safe again.

Without TuffTrak high volume traffic or heavy equipment passing over an area will do anything from killing the grass to churning up top soil. In the worst scenarios machinery can get stuck in the mud, or even sink and tip over. This restricted and unsafe access can then cost £1000’s in delays or even vehicle and property damage.

The Different Types Of TuffTrak

The TuffTrak range of ground protection is made up from a selection of heavy duty mats made from extremely durable materials. The range includes the TuffTrak “lite”, “ST”, “XL” and “XT” each different mat is suited to a different application or circumstance.

What The Range Of Mats Offers:

  • A Lightweight Modular System - Unlike old-fashioned steel, wood or aluminium mats these mats are very lightweight and hard wearing.
  • No Scrap Value - Steel and aluminium ground protection mats are like a giant magnet for scrap metal thieves.
  • Inert Construction - The plastic material will not absorb any waste contaminates from the ground preventing cross contamination.

Although ground protection mats are traditionally rented, it is a very good time to purchase mats as this latest generation offer a huge cost saving for companies that use them on a regular basis. They have proven time and time again to be exceptionally useful for utility companies as well as solar and wind energy industries by providing safe, reliable access to remote locations.

If you wish to discuss your heavy equipment mat requirements then please contact us on 01905 794 875 where one of our experienced sales team will be happy to assist you.

TuffTrak Heavy Equipment Mats
TuffTrak Use Example 1
TuffTrak Use Example 2
TuffTrak Use Example 3
TuffTrak Use Example 4

TuffTrak Banner

Great For Almost Every Industry

Oil Drilling

Renewables & Energy

The durability and lightweight construction of these mats make them ideal for use when installing wind farms and solar installations. They will ensure that a reliable, safe supply line of equipment can be maintained.

Power Pylon Maintenance


When maintaining or replacing remote power pylons access is as important as ever. The TuffTrak system makes site access quick and easy. The mats can be used to setup a safe platform for lifting equipment such as cranes.

Quick and Easy Deployment


Allow vehicles to bring in stage gear or create expanded parking areas that will still be usable regardless of what the weather does. Fast to deploy and easy to remove, access will be reliable, safe and cost effective.

HGV Ground Protection

Civil Construction

Create an area to store building materials where vehicles can load and unload without damaging the ground or risk getting stuck in the mud. Prevent the need to spend £1000’s repairing rutted ground.


The ability to deploy this mat quickly makes this system ideal for landing pads. They are lightweight enough that a single vehicle can transport enough mats to produce several landing pads or a substantial base area.


Create routes in and out of woodland that will not become a slippery hazard during rainy periods. Ensure that equipment can move with ease and safely.

Click Here to Get A Fast Quote Or Site Visit
Click Here to Get A Fast Quote Or Site Visit

01905 794 875

TuffTrak St The Original Dual Sided Heavy Equipment Mat

The standard mat is the original TuffTrak mat, it is more “square” in shape and offers the ideal solution to those looking to establish an access road for medium - heavy vehicles. It uses strap type connectors (details on these below). It is ideal for use on flat ground for creating storage areas and temporary access routes. The mat features a course and micro-traction side so that it can be adjusted depending on the traffic using the mat.

The TuffTrak Standard Is;

  • Simple – One-piece construction
  • Made From Recycled Material - The ST is made from 100% recycled High-Density Polyethylene or Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene depending on your requirements.
  • Non Conductive - Ideal when working with live power sources during utility works.
  • Lightweight - at only 295 kgs.

See how the TuffTrak Standard compares against our other mats further down the page or phone our sales team at 01905 794 875 to discuss your needs. We will ensure that you get the right mat, at the right price.

TuffTrak ST Butt Joint
TuffTrak ST Strap Connector
TuffTrak ST Weight Capaicty
TuffTrak ST SqFt
TuffTrak Standard View
TuffTrak ST
Dimensions 3000mm x 2500mm x 47mm
Weight 295kg
Usable Surface Area 7.5 m2

TuffTrak Lite - Discontinued

The ‘lite’ version is the lighter-weight brother of the TuffTrak mat; it is the same size as the standard mat but far lighter. The weight saving means that more mats can be carried per lorry load, cutting down on delivery costs. It is an ideal mat for use with cars, vans, trucks and even larger vehicles depending on the surface it is installed on top of. The ‘lite’ mat is a great replacement for some of the larger mats where they would be “over-specced” for the job.

The TuffTrak XL Is;

  • Simple – One-piece construction and great performance combined.
  • 128 Mats Per Load – Transport up to 128 mats per standard EU curtain sided vehicle.
  • More Cost Effective – Save a huge amount on transport costs by using this lighter weight alternative.
  • Lightweight - at only 185kg.
  • Tough - This mat still offers great performance.

Contact our sales team on 01905 794 875 to discuss the Lite mat or any of the other mats in the TuffTrak range. We have a simple comparison table further down the page where you can also compare models.

TuffTrak XL Butt Joint
TuffTrak XL Strap Connector
TuffTrak XL Weight Capaicty
TuffTrak XL SqFt
TuffTrak XL in Use
TuffTrak lite
Dimensions 3000mm x 2500mm x 32mm
Weight 185kg
Usable Surface Area 7.5 m2

TuffTrak XL Highly Flexible Large Mat

The XL uses strap connectors to attach each mat to the next the same as the smaller standard and lite mats. However, this mat is the first of the “larger” mats in the range. It is far thicker in its construction, yet retains the ability to be bent back on itself without snapping. It is sturdy and ideal for use on undulating surfaces. When used in conjunction with the flexible strap connectors it is capable of coping with extreme changes in surface shape.

The TuffTrak XL Is;

  • Simple – One-piece construction with reinforced corners for a long lifespan.
  • Durable – Can bend where necessary, (even doubling over) without cracking or splitting.
  • Great value – The simple design of this mat makes it great value for money.

If you feel the TuffTrak XL may be the right mat for you then please call our sales team direct on 01905 794 875. Our mat specialist will be able to arrange a quote or even a site visit if required.

TuffTrak XL Butt Joint
TuffTrak XL Strap Connector
TuffTrak XL Weight Capaicty
TuffTrak XL SqFt
TuffTrak XL in Use
TuffTrak XL
Dimensions 4092mm x 2035mm x 54mm
Weight 360kg
Usable Surface Area 8.3 m2

Tufftrak XT Overlapping Mat - Highly Buoyant

When you need a mat that is hard wearing, buoyant and capable of supporting the heaviest of vehicles, then the XT mat may be the mat that you need. Each mat connects to the next using a Cam style connector (further info on these below). This overlapping and locking of joints between the mats help spread the load between mats more efficiently. The more buoyant closed cell inner of this mat makes it ideal for use on wet or boggy land where other mats may not provide adequate support.

TuffTrak XT is:

  • Exceptionally Strong – Great for tracked vehicles, cranes and drilling platforms.
  • Durable – Can be bent to 90 degrees without breaking, impressive considering its thickness!
  • Lighter than alternatives – The XT is 30% lighter than the next nearest mat on the market.
  • Buoyant – Provides great support even on boggy or marsh like land.
  • 50 Mats per 40’ Container! – Far more than wooden mats and they wont absorb water either!

The TuffTrak XT is a very heavy duty mat that is still light in weight. It offers near indestructable performance that other mats cannot come close to. To speak to our sales team about this mat please call 01905 794 875.

TuffTrak XT Lap Joint
TuffTrak XT Cam Connector
TuffTrak XT Weight Capacity
TuffTrak XT Sqft
TuffTrak XT in Use
TuffTrak XT
Dimensions 4000mm x 2000mm x 90mm
Weight 350kg
Usable Surface Area 6.8 m2

Click Here to Get A Fast Quote Or Site Visit
Click Here to Get A Fast Quote Or Site Visit

01905 794 875

Connector Methods

Each mat is interconnected by either strap connectors or cam connectors. These help keep the mats in place and spread the load between mats. There are different types of connector depending on which mat you are looking at.

Strap Connectors

The strap connectors used on the ‘St – Standard’, ‘lite’ and ‘Xl’ mats they are available in three configurations. These include a solid metal strap, flexible fabric strap, and spring steel strap. Depending on the application you will require a different design of fixing, speak to one of our advisors on 01905 794 875 to find out which system is best for your needs.

Steel Strap Connector
Steel Strap Connector

A Simple connector that is ideal for flat temporary roads and pads. (shown in a two way configuration)

Sprung Steel Strap Connector
Sprung Steel Connector

A Simple metal sprung steel connector good on slightly eneven surfaces. (shown in a four way configuration)

Flexible Strap Connector
Flexi Strap Connector

These Flexi Straps are ideal for really uneven surfaces.

Cam Connectors

The XT uses Cam Connectors to tie mats together tightly, allowing the mats to spread the load better between each other. The connectors are “fist-sized” and can be dropped into place. Once aligned they require 1/8 of a turn to lock them into position.

Long Connector For XT
Long Mat Connector For XT

Need Assistance?

Call us today to arrange a site visit or get a quote for your site. We understand that every job is different, so call our sales team on 01905 794 875 and let us help you find the right mat for your application.

Weight 295kg 185kg 360kg 350kg
Length 3000mm 3000mm 4092mm 4000mm
Width 2500mm 2500mm 2035mm 2000mm
Thickness 47mm 32mm 54mm 90mm
Usable Surface Area 7.5 m2 7.5 m2 8.3 m2 6.8 m2
Connector Type Strap Strap Strap Cam
Load Capacity 1500kg/m2 2000kg/m2 1500kg/m2 2000kg/m2
Overlap Joints
Mats Per Lorry 80 128 60 50
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