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Key Safety Barrier Types

With so many types of safety barriers to choose from it can be complicated to choose the right barrier system for your application. Below we have outlined the most common types. If however you are still feeling lost please call our sales team on 0800 978 8920.

Pedestrian Barriers

Pedestrian Barrier Systems

These are suitable for use along pavement areas and groundworks, preventing pedestrian access to unsafe areas.

Armco Impact Barrier

Armco Safety Barrier

These steel impact barriers are often used in car parks and factories to protect the building and structural support pillars.

Water Filled Barriers

Armco Barrier

Water filled units are ideal for use around road works or anywhere else where clear lanes need to be created.

Skipper Barriers

Skipper Barriers

These retractable tape barriers can be mounted to cones and Skipper Posts to serve a multitude of purposes.

Post & Chain Barriers

Post & Chain Barriers

Post and chain barriers are lightweight and ideal for restricting access to areas and are often used indoors.

Pedestrian Safety

At the heart of most barrier systems is pedestrian safety for this reason you will find that most of our pedestrian barrier systems are able to withstand a pedestrian "taking a fall" against it.

Chapter 8 Usage

To ensure that your chosen barrier system is deployed correctly it is important that you consult the Red Book. When followed it will ensure that any road based systems are properly deployed.

Metal or Plastic

Metal Or Plastic?

Metal Barrier Benefits

  • Better for permanent installations
  • Better suited to protecting buildings
  • Great for car park installations
  • Protect factory racking and assets from forklifts

Plastic Barrier Benefits

  • Lightweight, ideal for temporary use
  • No scrap value, therefore less desirable to thieves.
  • Pedestrian friendly as there are no sharp edges.
  • Ideal for road works and site works.

Still Need Help?

Contact our expert sales team on 0800 978 8920, they will be happy to talk you through which system may be best suited to your needs and advise of current stock levels if needed.