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What type of safety barrier do I need?

With so many different types of barrier to choose from it can be hard to know which one is best suited to your needs. The information below will help you make an informed choice as to which barriers suit your requirements.

For pedestrian restraint / guidance

Many of our barriers are suitable for multiple uses, when using a safety barrier to separate pedestrians from large road works and site works it is best to use the Avalon Barrier, this barrier system interlocks and is ideal for keeping people from strolling into work areas.

When separating pedestrians from vehicle traffic a slightly heavier barrier is normally required, in these instances the Strong Wall Barrier is ideal. This barrier has a wide and heavy base that prevents tipping.

For traffic delineation.

For traffic delineation the water filled barriers are ideal. This is due to their heavy weight and robust design with no protruding surfaces that could interfere with passing traffic. Their compact size makes them easy to store, transport and set out, especially as they are so light when empty.

Which water filled barrier is suitable for me?

  • The Start-Wall Water Filled Barrier is ideal for normal traffic consisting mainly of cars travelling at lower speeds.
  • The Water Filled Mesh Top Barrier is ideal for separating cars from pedestrians, especially when creating roadways at events, with the mesh top preventing pedestrians climbing over the barrier.
  • For HGV use the heavy duty RB2000 Water Filled Barrier or the GB2 Barrier is essential. Their large size and heavy weight when filled ensure they stay where they are put. They are also large enough to be easily visible to drivers.

For Manhole / Small Groundwork Safety

When carrying out small scale ground works, or working around a man hole the Safegate Barriers and Vim Barriers are ideal. Both barriers feature a folding system allowing them to be packed away and easily stored when not in use. These safety barriers fold out to create a protective high visibility barrier around works.

For Go kart Track use

For go-kart track use the RB500 is ideal, it’s compact size and unique interlocking abilities ensure that even the most complex shapes can easily be achieved, allowing you to produce an interesting track for racers. When filled with water they will provide a strong yet flexible barrier.

For building protection

If you are looking for an impact barrier to protect buildings or machinery from reversing vehicles or fork lifts, then you need to look here Impact Barrier.