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Safety Barriers

Barrier systems are becoming a key part of workplace safety more and more than ever before. We use them in so many ways to restrict access to potentially dangerous environments for pedestrians, or to prevent cars and vehicles driving into areas that they are not meant to have access to.

When buying from Start Traffic there is a huge variety of products to select from, expanding, water filled, Chapter 8, metal, plastic to name just a few. One thing they all have in common though, is they are there to improve safety and they are all in stock ready to ship.


Pedestrian Barrier Systems

These pedestrian barriers are suitable for use along pavement areas and groundworks, preventing pedestrian access to unsafe areas.

Armco Barrier

Armco Safety Barrier

These steel impact barriers are often used in car parks and factories to protect the building and structural support pillars.

Water Filled

Armco Barrier

Water filled units are ideal for use around road works or anywhere else where clear lanes need to be created.

Skipper Systems

Skipper Barriers

These retractable tape barriers can be mounted to cones and Skipper Posts to serve a multitude of purposes.

Post & Chain

Post & Chain Barriers

Post and chains are lightweight and ideal for restricting access to areas and are often used indoors.

Pedestrian Safety

Modern health and safety focuses on reducing risk, both for the safety of members of the public and our own staff. With “no win no fee” legal firms happy to pursue many cases of injured parties, it is more important than ever to show that you have done everything to stop people wandering into a hazardous area, barriers are one way to do this.

Contractors including cleaning staff need to be more extremely careful to ensure they use pedestrian safety barriers to keep others from walking onto wet floors, or areas where there are trip risks such as tools and cables on the floor. For these tasks we have a great range of plastic barriers that include folding, expanding and chapter 8 compliant items ensuring that applications both inside and outside are catered for.

Chapter 8 Barriers

When using pedestrian barriers outside it is essential that they comply with chapter eight legislation and regulations as outlined in the “red book” (see here). These barricades are specially designed to be robust, take the force of a person falling against them, and have high visibility banding ensuring that motorists and pedestrians can easily spot the barricades even in low lighting conditions.

The chapter 8 systems interlock to make one long robust barrier, some even have the ability to “double lock” such as the Avalon barrier, this prevents pedestrians or unauthorised persons uncoupling the units and breaking the chain.

The interlocking function not only ensures that there are no gaps for children or pedestrians to walk through (potentially into open groundworks), it also improves their stability in windy conditions, or as above, if fallen onto by a pedestrian.

The units are lightweight, easy to pick up and stack efficiently on a pallet, this makes them great for roadworks where they need to be deployed or removed quickly for use somewhere else.

Metal or Plastic

Metal Or Plastic?

Metal Benefits

  • Better for permanent installations
  • Better suited to protecting buildings
  • Great for car park installations
  • Protect factory racking and assets from forklifts

Plastic Benefits

  • Lightweight, ideal for temporary use
  • No scrap value, therefore less desirable to thieves.
  • Pedestrian friendly as there are no sharp edges.
  • Ideal for road works and site works.

Water Filled Barriers for Vehicles

Water filled traffic barriers are becoming a very popular way of delineating traffic around road works and ground works. Compared to concrete units that are always heavy, water barriers are only heavy when they have water in them.

This makes them very cost effective solution to transport and also faster to deploy as they can be lifted by a single worker when empty, and then filled once in position. In the same way the Chapter 8 units mentioned above interlock, the water filled versions also interlock to create an unbroken chain, ideal for guiding traffic through diversions and contraflows.

Why Buy from Start Traffic?

We keep all our road barriers on the shelf, so if you need it next day it is no problem! We all know that in the modern workplace sometimes things are needed as fast as possible and that is where we can help. Aside from keeping all our items in stock we also have a large team who can assist with any questions regarding your safety barrier requirements, they can be phoned on 0800 978 8920